3 Scots and a Frenchman in NZ: Coromandel and Taupo

Eilidh and Stephen came! I count myself very lucky to have had the same core, family-like friends for over 10 years, some for 20, despite years living in different cities, countries, and now continents. Eilidh and I bonded age 14 over an indifference to Biology on the school Biology trip to Benmore, a strong resistance... Continue Reading →

North Island photos and adventures: hidden history in Taupo, windy Wellington reunions, and wildlife sightings

The road trip is well under way! We headed south and stopped first at Lake Taupo, where we spent the night in a free camp site called Reid's Farm (very busy, and last time we were here very noisy, but with the newly imposed alcohol ban it was much more conducive to sleepy travellers). Following... Continue Reading →

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