The Catlins: Penguins and starry skies

We have officially lived in New Zealand for 6 months now, and feel as if we have just about exhausted every last corner of potential exploration. But therein is the joy of New Zealand: you've done your volcanic tramps (hikes), waded through your underground glow-worm caves, and boated around your fiords- but you're never really... Continue Reading →

The final leg: from the rainy fiords to the sunny north coast 

Type 'New Zealand' into Pinterest and you will see the peaks of the fiord lands; majestic domes of green descending straight into the water-filled crevices made from ancient glaciers. I had heard a lot about these famous sounds in the very south of the South Island, and was really looking forward to seeing them for... Continue Reading →

Mistakes and lessons learned on the road

Our crossing from the North to the South of this surprising country was not our finest piece of organisation.  Mistake no. 1: We didn't book the crossing until 3 weeks prior, which left us with little and very expensive choice ($450/€300) return, arriving at 12.30am).  Lesson learned: These boats are packed with vehicle drivers, they... Continue Reading →

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