East Cape and Urewera: Escaping Cyclone Cook, and a different sort of Easter

In 1968, New Zealand experienced one of its worst recorded storms when the Wahine ferry tragically sank close to the shores of Wellington, partly as a result of human error, but mostly because of the horrendous storm in which the boat was caught (thank you Jen, our teacher of all things Kiwi). Last week, we... Continue Reading →

Our new home, and standing on the edge of the world: Cape Reinga

A month has been spent settling into our new home and finding our feet in Takapuna, a charming beach side neighbourhood of Auckland's North Shore, and fortuitously the area I always thought I'd like to live in. I was right! Takapuna is its own little town, with bars, restaurants, the beach, quick transport links into... Continue Reading →

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