Family Business: Whangarei District 

Our aventures à deux became aventures à six for an extremely enjoyable week's holiday with my family. As a very close family, but physically very far apart, usually spread between the U.K, France and New Zealand, this is by no means a frequent occurrence and was an absolute joy from start to finish! We spent 3... Continue Reading →

Kauri, Kiwi and Caves: Kaipara and Whangarei Districts

Welcome back! Our first set of travels came to an end a couple of weeks ago and since then we've been back in Auckland at Rona and Dave's and enjoying the almost complete Crawley family reunion (missing big brother David and family) after my mum's first time on a plane in the last 12 years.... Continue Reading →

Christmas time, barbecues and wine

Christmas Day with Rona, Dave, and Ziggy was glorious. Ever since our first Christmas in New Zealand two years ago (which included all the same people, minus Ziggy, plus assorted others of which Adrien's cousin David and his girlfriend Fanny) I have had a real soft spot for a warmer Christmas, where you can be... Continue Reading →

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