Autumn in Auckland: sun, surf, and sea!

We haven't left Auckland for a month now, which also means it's been a while since my last post. However, Auckland has proved itself to be an absolute treasure trove of weekend activities to keep us moving, surfing, kayaking, and exploring! 29th - 31st April One of these days I'll get over the strangeness, but... Continue Reading →

Reality Check(ing account): the highs and lows of job hunting

We have found gainful employment! The fun's over, kids! The job-finding process was in some ways fairly straightforward, in others frustrating and disheartening. I'll summarise the situation per jobseeker. Ailsa Before: Teacher of Foreign Languages Now: Resource Consents Administrator at Auckland Council I began and quickly stopped looking for school-based jobs on the grounds that... Continue Reading →

Christmas time, barbecues and wine

Christmas Day with Rona, Dave, and Ziggy was glorious. Ever since our first Christmas in New Zealand two years ago (which included all the same people, minus Ziggy, plus assorted others of which Adrien's cousin David and his girlfriend Fanny) I have had a real soft spot for a warmer Christmas, where you can be... Continue Reading →

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