A voyage in Vietnam

The capital city Hanoi in north Vietnam was a shock to the senses after 5 days in sleepy Laos: crossing the road requires 360 degree peripheral vision and nerves of steel as you make eye contact with cars and scooters revving towards you, said cars and scooters beep their horn for seemingly every movement, and... Continue Reading →

Luang Prabang: the leafy village of SE Asia

One 45-minute flight later and we had left Chiangmai for Luang Prabang, Laos. As soon as we began the descent in the plane the difference was stark and it felt like we had entered a natural paradise, even the airport is surrounded by rich green hills. We made our way to our guesthouse, where I... Continue Reading →

Goodbye NZ!

We left Rona, Dave, and Rufus at 4.45am this morning. The tears in the taxi eventually stopped, re-started in the check-in queue, and were set off again somewhere over central Australia. Although we are on our way to Bangkok for 5 weeks of exciting travels, I admit my heart is still in New Zealand with... Continue Reading →

Springtime in NZ

Aside from the week in Fiji and a couple of overnight stays in the trusty Golf, the winter months were a time for living that “real” NZ life, and hustling to save money for the Big South East Asia Trip. We worked full time plus tutoring, Adrien sometimes bashing out 12 hour days and 7... Continue Reading →

Rotorua: a sensory smorgasbord!

The Rotorua region greets you with the unmistakable, sulphur-y smell of rotten eggs, the kind of smell which makes you turn to your co-pilot with raised eyebrows and a scrunched up nose, until you realise no human is capable of producing such an odour (and swiftly apologise for the accusation). Rotorua is an extremely interesting... Continue Reading →

Fiji: Paradise Part II – The Video

It has been back to normality for the last couple of weeks, and I'm sure I'm not alone in constantly scrolling through my holiday photos in an attempt to transport myself back there. If only for one moment I could relive that heat, the feeling of the sand between my toes (forgetting momentarily that I... Continue Reading →


Once we were settled into our glamp-ourous teepee on Fiji's Matacawalevu Island, surrounded by palm trees and tropical flowers, it occurred to me that I had dreamed almost all my life of coming to a place just like this. In my reveries of future adventures walking barefoot on a tropical island (I may have been... Continue Reading →

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