Zero Waste for Beginners: Easy Swaps!

When I first moved to France on my year abroad in 2009 every short conversation at the bank, in a restaurant, or with an old lady at the bus stop felt like a win. Nowadays, every time I find a zero/low waste swap for something designed to be disposable, I get that same sense of... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Easy Being Green (and other words of motivation)

Going green can appear a colossally difficult task at first. Once you've started, as in my case probably with something small such as frustration with over-packaging in supermarkets, you begin to notice all sorts of areas in our everyday lives which are filled with unnecessary waste or pollution, plastic or otherwise. It's easy to feel... Continue Reading →

Going Green: the Domino Effect

Bonne annĂ©e 2018, readers of Salut Le Monde! The travelling adventures are over, and I'm taking my blog in a new direction: on the journey to living as sustainably as I can. If that interests you in any way, if you are also somewhere along this bumpy road, looking for inspiration, or a place to... Continue Reading →

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