Kauri, Kiwi and Caves: Kaipara and Whangarei Districts

Welcome back! Our first set of travels came to an end a couple of weeks ago and since then we've been back in Auckland at Rona and Dave's and enjoying the almost complete Crawley family reunion (missing big brother David and family) after my mum's first time on a plane in the last 12 years.... Continue Reading →

The final leg: from the rainy fiords to the sunny north coast 

Type 'New Zealand' into Pinterest and you will see the peaks of the fiord lands; majestic domes of green descending straight into the water-filled crevices made from ancient glaciers. I had heard a lot about these famous sounds in the very south of the South Island, and was really looking forward to seeing them for... Continue Reading →

Mistakes and lessons learned on the road

Our crossing from the North to the South of this surprising country was not our finest piece of organisation.  Mistake no. 1: We didn't book the crossing until 3 weeks prior, which left us with little and very expensive choice ($450/€300) return, arriving at 12.30am).  Lesson learned: These boats are packed with vehicle drivers, they... Continue Reading →

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