From Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice in 25 hours

The time has finally come- departure in one hour and 25 hours of travelling before we arrive in Auckland, greeted first by Rona (sister/BFF/fellow Christmas Bublé lover), later by Dave (boyfriend of sister, bearded rower and beer brewer) and finally Ziggy (large brown animal with a penchant for cushion destroying and face licking).

The run up to this moment has been a mini rollarcoaster of emotions (fear, anxiety, excitement, joy, stress, to name a few) but after 2 weeks of early Christmas celebrations with family and friends, eating our weight in smoked salmon and foie gras (non-negotiable and delicious French Christmas tradition with questionable preparation ethics) we feel ready to spread our wings and head to new and sunnier hemispheres.

Possibly unusually, Adrien and I are big fans of long-haul flights. As a nervous flyer I feel safer in larger planes as you can feel less movement (generally) and can more easily forget where you are. My 5-foot stature allows me to curl up cat-style and sleep for most of the time, and Adrien is a great promoter of aeroplane food, particularly on Emirates flights. We sync the films, have a wine and doze off- it’s not so dissimilar to the sofa on a Friday night, and who doesn’t love those cosy moments?

Exciting and happy times await us at the other end of the flight, and we’ll be sharing as much as we can here, so please follow us on our journey!

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